Cangzhou kiyama precision manufacture co.,ltd  is a sino-japanese joint venture, was founded in 1993, a total investment of USD7 million, introduced from abroad a full set of lost wax casting and mechanical processing production line, at present, our company has 3 precision casting production line,  two CNC machine factory, Production of various kinds of  stainless steel precision casting parts、stainless steel pipe fittings 、valve and OEM  series products, annual output of 2000 tons of production capacity, its production process equipment and testing means and technology has the international advanced level.

Since the establishment of the factory, we adhere to the principle of quality first, customer first, and actively carry out the ISO9001 quality management system, with excellent products and quality service to win the recognition of customers, products are widely used in chemical, petroleum, medicine, food, automobile and other industries that need heat and corrosion resistance and clean requirements.

In order to meet the needs of customers and the market, the headquarters the R&D center and the sales center of our company is relocated to Youxin Industrial Park, Cangzhou Economic Development Zone in March 2021, which enriches our technology R&D and market development capabilities and provides better service for our customers

Your satisfaction is our goal, we sincerely hope to establish long-term and stable cooperation with customers all over the world, to jointly develop the market, a total of plans for development.




A. Why do customers choose us? 

From 1993 to present, 28 years of experience in precision casting CNC machining, 28 years of experience in international trade and business.

Professional team to help you optimize the overall solution

From product design, casting, processing to heat treatment, surface treatment, etc., you can reduce your costs.

Sampling inspection of each process, final inspection 100%.

Domestic and foreign customers deliver goods on time.

Fluent English communication and airport pick-up service.


B. Our casting process:

Our production process is investment casting, also known as "precision casting" and "lost wax casting". The process we use is silica sol investment casting, which is an advanced metal forming process. First, according to the shape of the object, a wax mold is made from an aluminum (or steel) mold, and then a ceramic shell is built around the wax mold. After dewaxing, the ceramic shell becomes a new mold in which molten steel is poured, so that highly accurate and complex parts can be produced.


C. Materials used in our production:

We produce lost wax precision castings of various steel materials, such as stainless steel, carbon steel, alloy steel, tool steel, etc. All materials comply with various international standards

Weight range: from a few grams to 30 kilograms.

Size range: 500mm × 500mm × 500mm.

Provide customers with: material chemical composition report


D. Precision CNC machine tool processing

CNC machining is a process for manufacturing precise and complex metal parts. Our experienced technical team can provide customers with a complete set of optimized processing solutions from design advice to mold design and production of molds, lost wax casting, CNC machining, heat treatment, surface treatment, etc., so that customers can reduce costs and obtain value-added products.

Advantages of using CNC machining:

1. This process is more precise than ordinary machine tools, and can be repeated in exactly the same way, ensuring high precision and quality stability.

2. Compared with other processing and casting methods, one person can supervise more than one CNC machine tools, once they are programmed, labor costs can be reduced.

3. This process can produce complex shapes, which is almost impossible to realize ordinary machine tool processing, because precision CNC machining is possible.

Size range: 500mm × 500mm × 500mm.

Provide customers with material chemical composition reports, size measurement reports, hardness test reports, etc.


E. Our products

Our products include various stainless steel precision casting parts、 pipe fittings, valves and pump bodies, OEM products, flanges, marine hardware, construction hardware, house hardware, auto parts, motorcycle parts, hinges, hydraulic presses and pumping equipment, cross joints, golf heads, Industrial machinery parts, textile machinery parts, sports equipment parts, pneumatic tool parts, fluid equipment parts, food machinery parts, elevator parts, air compressor parts, motors and hardware parts, mining and earth-moving machinery parts. Most product post-processing is done in our CNC machining workshop.

 Your satisfaction is our goal, and we sincerely hope to establish long-term and stable cooperative relations with customers all over the world, and jointly develop the market and develop together.